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3D illustration can cut the cost of setting up for production -- ensure your product is exactly right before it arrives at the production line.  3D illustration can provide a better design feedback, improved quality assurance and a reduction in costs by helping you get your products right and to your market faster.

Are you are developing a new product or range of packaging?  Convert your concept into a visual reality with a 3D illustration or rendering.  A prime application of digital 3D is in the creation of near photo-realistic images - images that typically lie somewhere between a realistic style of conventional illustration and photography itself.

 'Photography where photography isn't possible - when an object doesn't yet exist' might be a good description of this use. Digital 3D illustration lets you can see the product before you produce it, picture the packaging before you print it and let the client view the building before you build it - all in a very realistic style.  Applications include;

  • product and packaging visualisation
  • architechtural and interior design visualisation
  • technical and cutaway illustration
  • conceptual illustration
  • 3D logotypes and symbols


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